Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries Suffered from Motorcycle Accidents:

Not only are motorcyclists more often injured, they are also far more likely to suffer serious injury and permanent disability in an accident. Applying the following safety tips will reduce the possibility that you will be involved, or seriously injured, in a motorcycle accident:

Get proper training:

Motorcyclists who are well trained on how to ride and care for their bikes are statistically less likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents than riders who are self-taught. Training and experience may help you respond to a dangerous situation in time to avoid a collision.

Wear the right gear:

Your best protection against a serious injury in a motorcycle accident will be your helmet. Helmets for motorcyclists are like seat belts for drivers. Wearing a helmet is a simple way to reduce the likelihood that an accident you are involved in will be fatal. Wearing eye protection is also important. Wind and glare can reduce your ability to see and respond to an obstacle in your path. Gloves, appropriate footwear, leg guards and jackets limit abrasions when accidents do occur.

Despite preventative actions taken by motorcyclists, accidents still occur, and the losses can be significant. The financial burden incurred through motorcycle accidents can be particularly great due to lost wages, expensive medical bills, and, potentially, occupational therapy. To add to the losses, the bike may be irreparable.